Fold Up Doors

We provide complete solution for various kind of doors.The fold-up door is an ideal solution for quick and continual transits.

All our fold-up doors are controlled by a control board (power supply 380 V three-phase) and are intended for an intensive and non-stop use.


  • Opening / closing speed of fold up doors is 1 m/sec to 1.5 m/sec.
  • Can withstand wind pressure up to 110Km/Hour.
  • Specially designed stiffeners in the curtain give high stability and a good wind load
  • These doors have an optical safety edge sensors with auto-opening feature to avoid damages arising from accidents
  • Maintenance-friendly design resulting in minimal service costs.
  • Rapid action doors have advance featured control to integrate a variety of safety features.
  • Our Drives are inbuilt with Special Anti Drop Electromagnetic brake device to ensure that the door does not free-fall in any worst